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Traumatic bereavement literature review

A brief summary of published research on topics related to traumatic bereavement.

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Early childhood and the developing brain

Our genes and our early experiences together determine the structure of our brain. But what experiences are the most important? This article explains how early relationships powerfully shape a child’s brain development, creating the foundation for later life. Includes brief introductions to epigenetics, sensitive periods of development, and brain development.

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Childhood Trauma: What happens when relationships go wrong?

Childhood trauma can lead to long-lasting changes in the brain. How does this happen? This article explains how brain systems involved in detecting threat, processing reward, and personal (autobiographical) memories adapt to experiences of abuse and neglect.

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Pathways to vulnerability

Why do brain changes following childhood trauma make a child more vulnerable to later mental health problems? Better understanding of the ways this can happen will help us to learn how to prevent difficulties from emerging in the first place.

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Neuroscience research

What is neuroscience and what do we know about brain development? What are the challenges and limitations of current research? In this video, several leading neuroscientists explore these questions.

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From the Field: Neuroscience experiments

To improve our understanding of children, neuroscientists look at the brain in tightly controlled experiments. Here are brief summaries of several key experiments that revealed some of the hidden links between early childhood experiences and brain development.

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Further Reading

For those of you who have an interest in learning more about this field, here is a list of articles that address different questions in the field. Most are review articles that summarise particular areas of research.

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